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Creative Living Room Ideas

The living room—or lounge, or sitting room—is a comfortable room where everyone in the house can go to relax. There are a lot of design options available for living rooms, and it can be hard to know where to start, especially if you want the space to have visual impact. These ideas will help you get the creative juices flowing about your living room design, no matter what your budget.

Move the furniture

Rearranging your furniture can be surprisingly effective at breathing new life into your room and is a good way to update its functionality and style. Try furniture from other rooms to see if it would work well in your living room space. Be creative as you work on your design. Traditional living room décor and design may not work for your space, especially if it is small.

Eye-catching vignettes

Eye-catching vignettes can look great and can update your living room without having to spend a single cent. Get together a group of similarly colored accessories and arrange them on a console or coffee table. Grouping similar accessories together creates an aesthetically pleasing collection and has a much larger design impact together than they do apart.

Right color scheme

Take the time to pick out the right set of colors for your living room design.  Rushing in to buy new paint without thinking your choice through can be a mistake that bothers you for years. One way is to take a look at your current living room’s contents and choose your three favorite shades. Or, if you want a complete color refresh, pick out paint swatches and bring them home to decide on a new palette.

Color your room with art

Art can provide a pleasant splash of color on your walls and inspiration in your design theme and color palette. There are many different kinds of artwork available, ranging from expensive paintings and prints to budget-friendly pieces you can find online. 

source: milgard.com