Sustainable June: Harmony Between Human and Land

To nurture is to have a better future

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Eco-Friendly Decor Tips to Upgrade Your Space

Reimagine your furnishings

If price is a design factor, older furniture is historically well-constructed and can be repurposed, refinished, reupholstered, and reimagined in a way that suits your taste. This keeps furniture out of landfills and reduces the massive carbon footprint generated by today’s variousmodes of transportation.

Incorporate greenery into your space

You can create an eco-friendly and uplifting space by simply bringing nature back into the home or workspace. House plants or nature-inspired imagery that inspires you offers a moment to reconnect with nature throughout your day.

Say yes to natural, recyclable, or sustainable materials

When decorating your home in the most eco-friendly way, you can always go with the seasons and see what mother nature has to offer. Buy a big basket full of flowers, fresh fruits, and vegetables from your organic farmers market and arrange it on your dining table or somewhere in the living room.

Pick versatile decor and furnishings

Producing recycled paper causes 74% less pollution than making virgin paper. In When it comes to decorating, choose functional pieces that serve a purpose rather than items used purely for decoration. Some examples of functional pieces are candles, books, mason jars (which can be used as vases), and of course, live plants, which can help purify the air.

source: redfin.com