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9 Furniture Trends Designers Expect to See in 2022 (Part 2)


Investment Pieces

Although some things have gotten increasingly casual over the past decade, I think the trend to incorporate more luxury and formal items into the home will get more and more popular in the new year. People are starting to value the idea of investing in higher quality pieces that are well made, durable, and long-lasting, versus a piece of fast furniture that is trendy in the moment but will not last very long.

Escapist Artwork and Decorative Details

People will be hanging more art that transports them to certain destinations and has an escapist quality. I think overall, we will see people start to make their home feel like a vacation—curating the interiors to make them feel like they are on a vacation, either to a beloved place they have been or a place they are longing to go to.

Wellness-Conscious Decor

Whole-home health is a really strong trend for ‘22, so we’ll see designs with antimicrobial properties, like copper, design eye at appliance brand CAFÉ. Look for bronze and copper in lighting, furniture accents, and statement hardware on cabinetry and doors.

Minimalist Furnishings With a Geometric Twist

The cutouts and cage fashions we saw at the most recent Fashion Weeks were some of my favorites. We are seeing reveal-and-conceal adding a bit of drama in the home space as well with glass, semi-transparent materials, and open grids and mesh being incorporated into cabinetry, furnishings, and even room dividers, where you can get a glimpse of what’s inside.

We know that cane patterns made a big comeback over the past few years, and now we see those evolving into these more geometric repeats and grid styles. This mathematical ‘perfection’ and open patterns work really well for those drawn to a minimalist aesthetic because they create a sense of airy lightness to a space without feeling heavy or dated.