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Equity July: Justice and Safety for All the Mankind


Justice cannot be attained by violence

Products of the Month

Health and Safety in Interior Design

Taking the time to implement healthier and safer options in a home can help older adults live more comfortably. Some adjustments are easy to make, such as selecting new furniture, changing the layout of various rooms, swapping out light fixtures, trying new decorating tips, updating home goods, and decluttering.

Other health and safety changes may require more planning. Examples include new floor installations, and swapping out appliances.

General Living Space

Most people spend the greatest amount of time in their general living space. Below are some tips to make this space healthy and safe:

∙ Choose tabletops with rounded edges rather than sharp, angled edges to prevent injury.
∙ Avoid glass tabletops that can reflect light and make it more difficult to see.
∙ Provide seating for guests to encourage socialization.
∙ Hang family photos and artwork to remove tabletop clutter.
∙ Choose sofas and side chairs that are comfortable but are not too soft or deep. Make sure the seating options have enough structure in the back, as well as armrests for strong support to assist with sitting and standing.
∙ If desired or needed, install grab bars on the walls next to couches or chairs to make standing up easier.
∙ Create a clean, simple furniture arrangement that is both easy to navigate and cleared of clutter.

source: salmonhealth.com