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Festive February: Giving Warmth and Joy


Wishing you lots of energy and good spirit!

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Valentine’s Day At Home? Try These DIY Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

We have here for you some amazing DIY Valentine’s Day room decor ideas that are surely going to raise the bar of at-home dates. From charming front porch decor to cosy bedroom setups, we bring a fantastic list of easy DIY decor ideas to this Valentine! Try out one from our list here. And we bet you, the fourth one is going to work magic for the evenings!

Pep Up Your Home Entrance with DIY Valentine Decor

If you have a view outside your front porch then you ought to utilise it. This Valentine’s Day room decor should start right from your door. All you need to do is have a simple wooden patio bench, some flower decorations on the door and the background wall. You can go for natural creeper plants or flowering vines on the front door to create a fresh ambience that can also double up as the perfect setting for a breakfast date. You can also add a DIY heart decoration with a floral wreath on the door to add to Valentine’s Day vibe.

Decorate a Centre Table and Add Red or Pink Cushions to Your Sofa

If you have a comfortable couch or a tufted sofa in your living room then you are sorted with the main decor element! Just add some pink or pastel cushions to the couch and complement the setup with some decor for the room. If you have a centre table you can arrange some flowers and place some memorable photos on it too. Next, you can work on the couch’s background, where you can hang some handmade heart-shaped artwork or origami in shape of birds and flowers to lighten up the mood.

source: designcafe.com