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Welcoming May: Joy of Triumph


“The Struggle Goes on, The Victory is in The Struggle.”

New fabrics: Assorted tones, range of texture has been brought throughout this month.

Rules of Timeless Design:

Create a Focal Point

A strong focal point is important in any room, and timeless rooms are never without them. Much like symmetry, focal points are important because they’re pleasing to the eye and give it a place to rest. Sometimes focal points occur naturally in a room, such as with built-in mantle pieces or large picture windows, but if your room doesn’t have one don’t fret. Focal points can be created with artwork, several architectural elements, or pieces of furniture such as media units. Have a look around the room and get a sense for where your eye naturally wants to go and then create the focal point in that space. Then once you’ve decided where you want it to be, make sure that all the furniture is arranged around it. But whatever you do make sure that you’ve only got one – competing for focal points are confusing to the subconscious and create a sense of chaos.