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Interior Design Hacks to Reduce Your Anxiety

The living room—or lounge, or sitting room—is a comfortable room where everyone in the house can go to relax. There are a lot of design options available for living rooms, and it can be hard to know where to start, especially if you want the space to have visual impact. These ideas will help you get the creative juices flowing about your living room design, no matter what your budget.

Incorporate biophilic design

There’s a reason plant-filled spaces are such a draw on Instagram – even we realise it or not, biophilic design helps boost our wellbeing.
It’s a practice that dates back thousands of years, as proved by ancient Egyptian tomb paintings and the ruins of Pompeii. A 2009 study found that environments devoid of nature have a negative effect, and that indoor plants had the potential to reduce stress and even decrease health complaints.

Banish angst-inducing colours

Colour can have a powerful psychological effect. Living spaces should be painted with this in mind, which means avoiding mentally stimulating colours like orange and using soft, neutral colours that create a calming effect instead – for example blues are particularly good for bedrooms.Get your lighting right

Choosing soft light for bedrooms and living spaces can help us relax. Making sure homes get plenty of natural light can also help our circadian rhythms, helping us sleep better, boosting our overall sense of wellbeing and, according to some research, helping to combat the symptoms of depression.

Embrace minimalism

Most people can attest to the theory that a cluttered space increases stress and anxiety. Research backs this up, knowing if acquiring more material goods isn’t necessarily a path to happiness. In response, many people are adopting a minimal approach to their homes, and opting for less furniture and detail to create a calming living space.

Source: thespaces.com