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Serene March: Bring Peace of Mind


Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.

Product of the Month

Meditation Spaces That Will Inspire You to Create Your Own

Choose Soft Colours

While bright, bold colours can be fun, there’s something about whispery, pastel hues that’s oh-so-soothing. Even though your eyes will likely be closed while you meditate, it’s important to feel comforted in the space as soon as you sit down.

Make It Light and Bright

When you’re meditating, it can feel good to have some sunlight on your skin and a breeze coming in through a window. When crafting your meditation corner, try to place it next to a window, which is what Alexandra of To Vogue or Bust did in her own home. She styled this corner using a faux fur rug, woven pouf, a small ladder and meditation must-haves, like essential oil and a diffuser. 

Rethink a Room

You probably have that one room of your house that you don’t know how to decorate or simply isn’t used enough as a den or office. Consider transforming it into a full-scale meditation space. It’s sweet and soothing in light colors, cushions that are ready to be pulled out at any time and meaningful objects on floating shelves.

Cozy It Up

You should be at your most comfortable in your meditation space—after all, sometimes sitting cross-legged doesn’t exactly feel as relaxed as you’d think. Offer yourself a soft place to land by placing plush pillows, cushions, and blankets in your space. 

source: thespruce.com