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Vigorous April: Full of Life, Full of Energy


It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

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Surprising Ways Home Decor Can Boost Your Happiness

No matter where you live, careful design can turn your space into a sanctuary. Elements like room layout, sounds from the street, even the color of your throw pillows come together to determine the character of your home. And that includes much more than looks—design influences your mental and physical health in surprising ways every day.

Make Nature Your Muse

The flowers, stone, wood and colors you’d see on a nature trail—which help to clear your mind and calm you—can be brought into your home.

Let the Light Shine In

If possible, make the sun your primary source of light during the day. Instead of place furniture in front of windows, you should be able to open them to let in natural air and light. If glare becomes an issue, or if sunlight spikes your AC usage, invest in transparent window films, which can reduce glare and improve temperature control.

Smooth on a Fresh Coat of Paint

Certain colors help you relax and unwind. Blue may remind your of the ocean, cream, sand on the beach, and pale gray is almost universally calming.

Select Feel-Good Fabric

Rugs, blankets and curtains occupy large amounts of visual space. Use those blank canvases to add splashes of color, create a calming backdrop or display interesting patterns. But don’t forget about the touch and feel of fabrics—consider all of your senses when decorating to truly make your home a “comfort zone.” 

source: sharecare.com