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Welcoming June: Month of Environmental Awareness


“Small Acts Give Big Impacts.”

A new patterned velvet fabric on display

How to Turn Your Home Office into a Green Office

Take advantage of natural light

Exposure to sunlight improves attention, performance and mood. Position your desk near a window and make use of natural light during the day.

Unplug your devices when you are not using them

Consider using a smart power strip; it cuts off power automatically when a device is not in use. In addition, if you’re going to take a break longer than 20 minutes, don’t forget to put your laptop on sleep mode.

Reduce paper usage

Producing recycled paper causes 74% less pollution than making virgin paper. In addition, recycling involves about 40% less energy consumption, less water use and generates fewer emissions than producing not-recycled paper – plus, more forests saved!

Decor with plants

Plants are great allies for productivity and a good mood. Some studies showed that plants reduce pollutants in the air – although there is no evidence this will be beneficial for household air quality.

Adapt to the temperature, don’t turn up/down the thermostat

Turning down your main thermostat to 18° will cut your heating bills straight away, and you should not feel much difference. Wear more layers if you start feeling cold, or place a hot water bottle or heating pad on your lap and you’ll instantly feel the difference.